December 18, 2014


About Us
Enfield Caribbean Connexions was conceived by Colin Lee-Own who has lived in Enfield for over 50 years. He saw that the Enfield Caribbean community has become marginalized moreso in the past two decades.

Many migrants from the Caribbean settled in Enfield during the 1960s, after they had been recruited by the previous governments to come to Britain to fill the skill shortage vacancies that were in the NHS, London Transport and manufacturing industries that Enfield was had a striving one.

However, the marginalisation of this community has and is becoming more pronounced and much progress has not been made due to their experience of socioeconomic inequalities and the lack of a voice to represent them.

We will be holding various meetings to discuss the needs of the British- African Caribbean community and lobby the London Mayor and Enfield Council to address these needs.

Enfield Caribbean Connexions will provide a platform to lobby the Mayor of London and Enfield Council to address the economic inequality that the British African Caribbean community are experiencing.

Although the British African Caribbean community have settled in Edmonton for over five decades, they are under-represented at local decision making levels. The least representative borough for black Londoners is Enfield.

It is time that we, the Enfield black community, come together to let our voice heard. We can no longer sit back and accept the economic inequality or exclusions that our children who were born in Enfield are experiencing.