The founders of CareerPaths Online have 30 years’ experience delivering community-led training projects that assist disadvantaged young people. They also have an excellent track record in working with young people from the BAME community to gain employability skills.

During the past four years, CareerPaths Online has been campaigning to increase access to apprenticeships for black and ethnic minority young people who have experienced such high unemployment rates during the recession.

In 2008, 50% of black males aged 17 to 21 were unemployed. Meanwhile the technology industries located in London continue to grow to the extent that they are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers within their sector.

The Prime Minster has pledged to create 3 million apprentices by 2020 and set a target to increase the number of BAME apprentices to 20%. CareerPaths Online intends to forge links with employers, schools, parents and government agencies to increase access to apprenticeships for black and ethnic minority young people and inform them of the limitless career opportunities in the growing digital media and technology industries.

Therefore, it is vital that we promote the value of equal opportunities to apprentice employers to rebalance the inequality that talented BAME young people are currently experiencing within the workplace.
The aims of CareerPaths Online:
• To encourage increased apprenticeship representation from amongst BAME groups.
• To encourage employers to recruit apprentices from diverse backgrounds and to provide adequate training and mentoring support to enable them to complete their apprenticeship successfully.
• To assist employers to overcome some of the social and cultural barriers that prevent them from recruiting young people from BAME groups.
• To provide an opportunity for BAME young people to meet potential employers who are looking to recruit apprentices.